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garasu no kamen

uii it's me.. just back from jb and gotta quite lots of good stuff =p but my main purpose was to find certain chinese drama in english or other lang. that i understand subs. and i couldn't find 'em so i'll just have to resign my fate to buy in singapore the one with chinese subs. which is pretty useless to me i can say *have to rely on my hearing then* hehe

but i found the best after all... the japs anime of Garasu no Kamen or Glass Mask.. *onli first few episods though* ~craving for more*

it's been pretty long since i read 'em and still no ending till now.. arrgh lots of rumours going around said dat the author Suzue Miuchi had already passed away *no~oo u haven't finished 'em pls don't die and leave this manga-desperado in lurch lol* well it's not true aniwae.. the closest source said dat she's now busy with her new religion organization and since then caused her to stop writing manga *cheez bad for me*

well spoiler: the good thing is dat there are still da tv drama serials of this Garasu no Kamen including da latest release for da last 3 episods where the producer created da good happy ending for maya kitajima - masumi hayami relationship approved by Suzue Miuchi but still... i want da original ending since the author is the unpredictable type :[

da tv drama serial is cool.. da story is pretty much da same.. da cast for maya kitajima and ayumi himekawa are perfect according to their character-wise and appearance but for da male casts sakurakoji and masumi hayami kinda of letting me down a bit lol it's not as i imagined or pictured 'em to be *short-cut: still prefer to see the anime characters haha much much cuter and kakkoi desu*

now i am wondering where can i get the complete sets of this anime *at least until episod 42 of crimson goddess* anibodie could provide help? pls pls me willing to pay good price for 'em

aniwae.. warming thanks to dreamsaddict.. wad a great and updated site.. keep it up!!

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